Color Changing

Sames is a manufacturer of high quality and sleekly designed colour change valves or manifolds with multiple options that offer great versatility over time for a wide range of industrial painting applications.

Why would you choose our Color changing valves?

Our colour change valves modular design are engineered to provide an easy cleaning and minimum use of solvent. Selecting incorrectly the process can cost money to the user and limit the performance.

Sames offers a wide variety of standard or special color change valves, depending on the number of colours. The base of each color change design controls and optimizes the paint circulation . We provide rugged stainless steel wetted valves, with easy fluid fittings connector . The valve provides high flow, requires little compressed air to actuate and is easy and inexpensive to rebuild, Depending on the spraying technology, different models are available upon operating pressure range (bar) . Sames color change solutions, which can be mounted and operated on robotic application, reduce equipment cost, installation cost, color change waste, flushing and loading time, and maintenance cost. Innovations are in every part items: stainless steel modules, valve, compact fittings, oriented hoses for easy integration, integrated regulator.​