Southwest Air Equipment: With SAMES KREMLIN, we always offer the most efficient paint finishing solution!

Jul 11, 2019
We really like the availability of their wide product range: We don't have to stock everything here on-site in our office! SAMES KREMLIN's a great company to work with and our loyal relationship is a plus!
Southwest Air Equipment distributor testimony
Southwest Air Equipment distributor testimony

Jeremy Russell,  Equipment and Solutions Consultant at Southwest Air Equipment out of Fort Worth -official SAMES KREMLIN distributor, states: 

We've been working with SAMES KREMLIN now for the last 15 years, predominately in the wood industry using their Airmix® and Xcite technology. One of the things we like about working with SAMES KREMLIN is the diversity in their product range. This has now allowed us to move out into different markets from wood to general industrial applications. Also one of the other things we like about KREMLIN is the availability of products and spares. To us that's very, very key so we don't have to stock everything here on-site in our office.

One of the other key points for us as a business is our relationship, we work directly with SAMES KREMLIN account manager (Tom Dean).

Tom and I work very very closely on putting these solutions together for customers to make sure we get the right products and solutions for them!

Apply your Skill!​​: A strong and vital relationship with our distributors!

SAMES KREMLIN distribution policy is to build with its partners a relationship of transparency and sincerity that will translate into mutual business growth. We focus on building our businesses ‘Stronger Together’. We recognize that our success is dependent on the strength of our relationship with our distribution partners.

SAMES KREMLIN focuses on Useful Innovation and makes sure exciting new products are released throughout the year.  To make our equipment our distributors primary choice, our product line must be profitable, and our philosophy must be one based on being “Easy-To-Work-With”.  Our Engineering department is busy working on “plug & play” packages that will help our partners when it comes to simple automation. 

We want to make sure that our valuable distributors will offer the best solutions and services that bring value to you: our customers.