Riwag Türen AG (CH): We get the same even finish quality every day!

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Riwag global testimony

RIWAG Türen, major swiss wooden door manufacturer, installs and commissions its new fully automatic water-based finishing line with AIRMIX® equipment

RIWAG Türen doors and door frames meet the highest functional requirements. The company's objective is to be the door manufacturer with the greatest diversity of production and the widest range. They offer special and highly personalized doors and frames at competitive prices. 

The relationship with SAMES KREMLIN is part of RIWAG's policy of open and partnership cooperation with its suppliers. We have worked together on the installation of our Airmix® equipment (spray guns, pumps, agitators) with the aim of continuously improving performance, including an ecological point of view, in order to avoid environmental impacts.  


With SAMES KREMLIN we have found a partner with whom we can plan everything very well

Remo Albisser, production manager of Riwag Türen". "We are a Swiss door manufacturer that produces round about 1.000 doors/week. Every one of them looks different. I am responsible for all machines and plan the coating machines.

In our development process, we needed color changes so that we can change three times the paint on the flatline machines, where we have installed several guns, in total 12 guns, as well as different pumps. For that, we've needed a mixing machine, I mean a dosing machine, with which we can add the hardener. We have automated everything: The clean and quick color change is also automated and we could reach a very good surface.

With SAMES KREMLIN we have found a partner with whom we can plan everything very well. All hoses, mixing machines and valves were perfectly planned and we could start with the production right away. They have also accompanied us during the installation and commissioning and now they support us with maintenance. We hope that we can reach our goals together by working that way!"



I can really recommend SAMES KREMLIN AVX automatic sprayguns for automatic coating.

Bruno, professional painter:  "I am responsible for the painting of our doors with top coat with the help of the fully automatic AVX Airmix® gun of SAMES KREMLIN.
The advantage of an automatic coating is that you can paint for 20 hours without having any decrease in quality.
You always get the same spray pattern and the surface is even. What you have to do of course,  as in manual applications - I have been working in manual coating for 40 years - What you have to do of course is cleaning your tips.
We clean the tips every half an hour so that the machine can run for 20 hours without having any negative impact on the quality."


RIWAG Paint pump maintenance

SAMES KREMLIN pump range maintenance is reduced and very easy!

Marcel, maintenance technician, explains: the paint passes three cycles: in this cycle we have: light, dark and 2K-systems for top coats. The maintenance of the pumps is really simple. You always have to clean the spray guns at the end. And anyway, everything is really fast and easy.