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High Performance Fluoropolymer liquid paint (PVDF) & powder coating

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protective coatings
(1) Anti-corrosion for outdoor & indoor application

Commonly used in steel construction & exposed to climate conditions to prevent corrosion, steel profiles are sprayed with single or two-component coatings, such as solvent-based high solid zinc primers to protect against rusting.

Depending on steel structure size & shape, we generally use Airless® for high productivity or Airmix® for complex shape.


steel profile coating line
(2) Anti-corrosion for large production scale

An electrostatic bell atomizer on an automatic line achieves the best quality of application & yields nearly a 30% paint savings versus airless® systems with minimal touch-up.

Offers perfect control of paint thickness with the best anti-corrosion system of the market.

Atomitizer mounted on reciprocator or robotic to attain high production with a single operator loading & unloading the steel profile.

Solvent- or water-based paint with a multi-color change option & pump remote in paint mixing room until 100 mt.

(3) Powder protective coating
(3) Powder protective coating

Manual or automatic powder application for:

  • No VOC emissions
  • High finishing quality
  • High paint recovery & zero waste

QualiSteelCoat Label

QualiSteelCoat Label

For Powder Coating Applications

Sames is a member of the AFTA.P Association.

Our manual & automatic powder sprayers contribute to the QualiSteelCoat Label.

This international label is a guarantee of quality of steel protection, particularly regarding coating performances over time.

For more information, please visit the AFTA.P & QualiSteelCoat webpages: &