Discover the 01D140 and 04D140 pumps : our ultimate high performance and compact design diaphragm pumps!

Jun 18, 2020
The D140 airspray pumps benefits from a compact design making them very easy to integrate into paint systems. Their advanced construction guarantees fast flushing making those pumps perfectly adapted for fast color change systems. The 01D140 is designed for fluid transfer and small circulating systems and the 04D140 for medium circulating systems up to 50 meters, capable of feeding multiple guns.
D140 pump range
D140 pump range

Paint transfer: two new high-performance diaphragm pumps with an ultra-compact design!

SAMES KREMLIN introduces two new high-performance diaphragm pumps with an ultra-compact design. Already tested at more than 100 sites worldwide, they are distinguished by their adaptation to frequent color changes, reliability and low cost of ownership.

Transferring paints as reliably as possible is the number one constraint for high-productivity plants. The design of the new 01 and 04 D140 pumps from SAMES KREMLIN meets this requirement so that its "owners" have the lowest possible cost of ownership.

One year of daily use without any problems, in a test run at a producer of plastic parts for the Automotive market.

These pumps are impressively reliable. The 01 and 04 D140 pumps are robust, thanks in particular to their all-stainless steel casting, ceramic air valve and long-lasting PTFE diaphragms. The use of high-quality, noble materials guarantees this very high durability. 
In addition, the pump contains low-wear components which require very little maintenance. If it is necessary to change certain consumables, maintenance is facilitated because access to the wearing parts is quick and easy.

Up to 8 l/min, operating speed up to 8 cycles/sec.

These pumps are designed for high productivity. The diaphragms have short and fast strokes which guarantee a high flow rate up to 8L/mn. The design of the pump and its chambers allows for quick and easy flushing which makes these pumps ideal for regular paint changes.

The internal design allows the suction and transfer of paints of up to 15000 centipoise in circulating lengths of up to 50 metres. Special work was done on the design of the seats. The pump design is perfectly optimized to avoid paint shearing and ensures a more perfect color match during the paint application.

Less than 70db: This pump is the quietest in its category.

When there are about twenty pumps in a paint kitchen, it is very important to control the sound power for reasons of operator comfort. The 01 and 04 D140 SAMES KREMLIN pumps ensure low noise pollution thanks to their advanced design and integrated silencer. With less than 70dbA, no other pump in this category can compete and this allows operators to work without noise protection equipment since the standard requires it above 80dbA.

Two new references:
- 01D140: 1:1 pressure ratio, 10 bar, flow rate 60 l/min.
- 04D140: pressure ratio 3.5:1, 10 bar, flow rate 60 l/min.