De La Vie Premium wood furniture | up to 40% paint savings

We chose SAMES KREMLIN Xcite® spray gun to ensure the premium and even finish quality that we are looking for! We are able to save up to 40% of paint!
Delavie Customer Experience testimony
Delavie Customer Experience testimony

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De Lavie company

The luxury brand De La Vie Decor of Treboll Móveis has chosen our Airmix equipment to meet their quality standards

Founded in 1987 in Flores da Cunha, in the far south of Brazil, Treboll Móveis was born to produce and commercialize furniture for home and business. Since then, 80% of its products are designed for the foreign market, with a strong presence in the United Kingdom, United States and France. Innovation, attention to the environment and good-will towards its employees and clients are the principles that run Treboll, and that’s why the company reinvents itself every year, searching for new market fields, clients, products and challenges. Currently the company counts with 300 employees.

Since 2012 Treboll Móveis has been running the luxury brand De La Vie Decor. More than providing furniture, De La Vie wants to be a representation of people and how they live. . De La Vie has chosen SAMES KREMLIN painting equipment to meet its high demanding finishing quality requirements.


De La Bie supervisor testimony

We have up to 40 % of paint savings with SAMES KREMLIN equipment

Maciel, Industrial Supervisor states:

I've been working at De La Vie Furniture for six years. I worked in the furniture department at the head office named Triboll furniture. I am part of the group Triboll and De La Vie since 18 years. Here, we work with a more fancy product line, which requires better finishing and we are working with SAMES KREMLIN equipment that gives to us a good finish, and we have between 30 to 40 percent of paint savings.

We are serviced by our distributor,  Arply* (*official SAMES KREMLIN distributor). They are always supporting us and if we have any problem or doubt,  Arply are always ready to help us. With SAMES KREMLIN equipment, the finish is homogeneous, a very beautiful finish!. The wood surface has absolutely no imperfections, the finish quality of our products is uniform, an even and perfect finish.


De Lavie -wood furniture

I never feel tired at the end of the day with my Xcite™

Pamela, professional painter, states:

I've been working at De La Vie for 1 year. I've been working as a painter for 2 months We´re working with Xcite™ and this gun is very light and I don´t feel tired at the end of the day and I really like to work with this equipment.

The finish with this gun is uniform, no overspray. It´s a perfect finish!