Ferrimax (Spain): Huge savings and increased productivity

We chose 18 years ago the SAMES KREMLIN for al its spraying equipment: quality of spraying, very good coverage of the paint with the electrostatic nanogun spray gun, comfortable equipment for the well-being of our employees and perfect follow-up and service.
Ferrimax global testimony
Ferrimax global testimony

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Ferrimax testimony

Ferrimax: safety, vault doors and other armored products

Ferrimax manufacture everything that relates to safety, vault doors and other armored products to protect cash and valuables of thousands of people all over the world.. Ferrimax has been in the market  for 40 years and have 4 subsidiaries in the world: Barcelona, Madrid, Geneva and Paris. They  are also present in 35 countries all around the world including 18 in Africa.

"All our models have been developed in order to comply with the EN 1143-1 European Standard for Safes, and have been certified by VdS, a2p, Aenor and Applus. Our safes respond to the specific security needs of the banking, jewelers, lottery dealers, petrol stations, shopping centers, etc. and other private and public places with high security risk."

In addition to our standard safes, we also manufacture custom safes with personalized fittings.


Ferrimax FPro spray gun production manager testimony

We have partnered with SAMES KREMLIN for 18 years to improve finish quality of our products and productivity.

We chose 18 years ago the SAMES KREMLIN for al its spraying equipment, since we have 5 paint booths in our workshops: we mainly use the electrostatic gun NANOGUN Airspray for a very good coverage of the paint on our products but most recently we adopted the airspray FPro air gun. What we found and especially sought at SAMES KREMLIN are 5 main topics: the first was the quality of service the second the quality of finish especially for an economy in terms of paintings because we saw that with their spray guns , we waste less paint and the fourth point is the well-being  of our employees, we saw that we gained in weight so they were feeling  more comfortable when spraying  and this is why we changed because the human well-being is FERRIMAX policy. What is also very important for us is all the follow-up, the support offered by SAMES KREMLIN and so that was the fifth point!

FERRIMAX testimony Paint Supervider

I love our FPro spray gun: we get a fantastic atomization, a great finish, no overspray...

Pedro, I am responsible for the painting section of the company FERRIMAX. also, we use the FPro airspray spray gun which offers a fantastic atomization and a great finish. More over, the hoses are very flexible, very easy to move, we have no overspray and the quality finish of our parts is perfect. I love it!