Spray Tips

Sames is a manufacturer of premium spray tips which will bring you the best atomization and higher finish quality in industrial and wood finishing.

Why would you choose our great quality tips?

Sames is a manufacture of guns and paint sprayer tip since 1925. We offer a great number of sprayer models, with a selection of tip sizing to evenly paint any part surface (interior or exterior part areas, walls…) and always apply the right amount of product for a cleaner environment. To make sure that every tip built in our factory yields the best results, we follow a precise machining process that guarantees consistent material output at different spray fan angles each & every time. Each tip/nozzle is tested for a great result, whatever the applied product (primer, paint, varnishes….)

Our tips are built with carefully selected materials to guarantee a lifetime production. The size of our tips - defined by the orifice/hole diameter - allows to achieve small, medium or larger fan width spray pattern. 

We offer spraying tips for every airspray, airmix or airless® sprayer. For thicker materials, we have also got a wide range of item for your reviews. 

Sames offers premium finishing airless® tip at medium pressure pump (100bar-xx psi). As for the reversible RAC IV graco tip, our reversible tips are widely used for spraying a variety of coatings from lacquers to exterior paints.  We have also developed a disruptor tip technology, Skill tips which are able to spray material reacting badly with air inclusion. Our Skill Airless® tips are made with high quality carbide inserts to provide high abrasion resistance & excellent atomization quality.

Choosing the right nozzle depends on the paint or material you are using. We suggest you read carefully our documentation and never skip main content, when applying special paints (latex, etc....), please contact our sales representatives which will help you!   Discover on our website, and in a secure way, all the technical characteristics of our wide selection of spray tip/nozzle with the right code number to build your part number depending of the fan size by consulting the dedicated product pages.