Exterior plastic parts for automotive

Protection, bonding, finishing & sealing for composite & plastic parts

Why you should choose Sames

  • Unique range of electrostatic bells for the most demanding robotic applications
  • strong presence in the world automotive OEM market
  • Knowledge and comprehensive process expertise
  • Ultimate field service and worldwide proximity support

We have the experience to guarantee a perfect color match between metallic and plastic parts during the final assembly on the vehicle. The quality of application, dosing and mixing will reach the requirements and provide a long life of the elements.

The high transfer efficiency of our solutions with a low quality failure rate will help to reduce the cost per unit and thus give a competitive advantage.

’Exterior plastic parts for automotive: bonding and sealing
(1) Bonding & sealing

Spraying & beading solutions for single or two component adhesives & sealants.

’Exterior plastic parts for automotive: car body finishing
(2-3-4) Car body finishing

Spraying solutions in multi-layer car body processes, such as primer, base 1 & 2, and clear coat on ABS (1) parts.

Exterior plastic parts for automotive metallized finishing
(5-6) Metallized finishing

Spraying solutions in single- or multi-layer on ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or PP (Polypropylene) parts.

Exterior plastic parts for automotive : rear opening assembling
(7) Rear opening assembling

Provide beading solutions to assemble PP (Polypropylene) and BMC (Bulk Molding Compound).

Solutions from pump to applicator - Integration paint supply and automatic robotic sprayer.

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