High transfer efficiency release agent coating for molding processes

Why you should choose Sames

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Release/demolding agent on a grease wax base will be used for casting & molding applications. With more complex materials, cost can be an issue & high transfer efficiency may be required. Alternatively, a constant & uniform film thickness may also be requested.

(1) High Efficiency spray

Electrostatic bell application is a must for high transfer efficiency spray in the industrial processes. NANOBELL from Sames can produce the job while saving cost & cycle time.

(2) Uniform film thickness

To ensure the perfect release of the part from the mold after operation, the demolding agent must be sprayed on the complete surface with a specific thickness. Electrostatic bell spray can reach these requirements.

(3) Operator health

Automatic/robotic process for the demolding agent will prevent operators from exposure to demolding agent fumes. High efficiency process will also limit the fumes & overspray.