ACRYLIC resins are typically used in the automotive industry as a clear coat on materials. Acrylic creates a smooth clear coat with very good clarity and provides - better than a clearcoat made of different types of powders - a hard surface that is highly chip-resistant. Acrylic resins are used as additives to promote improved flow and leveling as well as enhanced stain and chemical resistance in polyester hybrid, polyester TGIC, and polyurethane powder coatings. The typical curing cycle is similar to polyester finishes, but may require extra time and temperature for high stain & chemical resistant finishes. Example: 20 minutes @ 190°C (375°F) or 10 minutes @ 204°C (400°F)
acrylic powder clearcoat
acrylic powder clearcoat

Acrylic powders have good gloss and color retention on exterior exposure, as well as, heat and alkali resistance.

Sames know how and expertise

The following range of equipment is specially adapted to this type of material: