Discover our new corporate film

Mar 30, 2023
We are proud to present our new corporate video, discover it now!
New corporate film
New corporate film

With an international reputation spanning almost a century, it was important for Sames to re-emphasise the foundations of our values combined with the promise of our beginnings: to apply the right dose, in the right place, at the right time, to save money and preserve the environment.

To tell this story, our story, we at Sames are proud to present our corporate video.

This video is the translation of our business, our expertise and our know-how.  It is the essence of our DNA, our Human Touch, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.  Finally, this film underlines our commitment to a better world, more respectful of nature, of our limited resources and our consideration of social and ethical issues.

This is how Sames reveals itself in our daily life.

 "Everywhere and every day", we find objects that have been painted, glued or embellished with Sames products or solutions. Whether it's toys, phone covers, kitchen furniture, cars...

These products and solutions are the result of the expertise and innovation of our teams, our employees.

We wanted to highlight them by combining their stories, their expertise and their achievements.

We are Sames!

For more information, visit our Sames "About Us" page.