Anti-flatter in Body in White

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Complete multi dot system

Underlining in car body construction for reinforcement and noise insulation

For additional reinforcement of the front and tail gates, the body requires underlining, which is applied between the sheets. This also offers the advantage of preventing "fluttering" of the sheets during movement and thus damping noise pollution.

Which adhesive system is best suited for underlining?

An adhesive bead and numerous adhesive dots are required for mounting reinforcing sheets in the front and tailgate area. Depending on the design, the Sames Intec multi-point system can apply several hundred adhesive points simultaneously. The nozzle matrix is individually designed on the basis of the component data and each nozzle is precisely adapted to the component during commissioning. Rubber adhesives are conveyed to the application nozzles by means of barrel pumps and pneumatic metering units.


What are the advantages of the multipoint system from Sames Intec?

The multi-point system is responsible for applying a circulating adhesive bead as well as numerous adhesive points to the workpiece. The system from Sames Intec is characterized by short cycle times, process reliability and repeatable application.


The nozzle matrix is individually designed based on the geometry of the component. The single nozzle aligns with the workpiece.