Auto Color Medium Pressure Automatic Color Change System

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Fast color changes

Manual & automatic Airmix® guns deliver 86% transfer efficiency

Durable construction provides dependability and performance for long life

Automatic and manual paint lines

Compatible with most stain and UV paint lines

  • Low Pressure versions available
  • 4 to 19 color changes
  • Customizable color changing & flushing sequences
  • Individual color pressure control
  • Air piloted fluid regulator with I/P transducer control
  • Color valve stack including Air/Solvent piurge valves 
  • Manual system over-rides
  • Stainless Steel construction on the fluid regulator and compatible with most coatings
  • Durable construction provides dependability and performance
  • CTM Color change valves have large fluid passages for delivering multiple colors to a spray station
  • Maximum flow rate of the system is based on pumps selected to supply system
  • Recommended guns - AVX Airmix®, ATX Airmix®, AXC Airmix®, Xcite™ 120 & 200
  • Recommended Flowmax® High Flow Rate pumps - Airspray 08C240FT, Airmix® 16C240FT, Airmix® 20C440FT
  • Recommened High Flow Rate pumps - Airspray 08C240T, Airmix® 16C240T
Auto Color Medium Pressure Color Change System
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This solution is modular and fits all your needs for:

  • Quick color changes
  • Increased production
  • Multiple colors and versatile settings