Dispensing station from 20L pail

Mobile extrusion station
Mobile extrusion station

Complete Solutions to ensure

  • High motor flexibility with 2 mode:
    • Powerful from 4 bars working
    • Smooth start from 0.5 bar
  • Better material priming thanks to floating pallet
  • Controller centralized on the ram for fast access
  • Very stable flow and output pressure thanks to fast reversing air motor
  • Adjustable pump stroke depending on the production requirement
  • Easy to handle with our fast coupling system
  • Air motor and piston compatibility inside the REXSON range

Concept Layout

Fixed station

  1. Follower plate
  2. Ram (Elevator)
  3. Chop Check REXSON pump
  4. Pneumatic controller

Mobile station

  1. Follower plate
  2. Ram (Elevator)
  3. Trolley
  4. Chop Check REXSON pump
  5. Pneumatic controller

Modular conception

Modular conception

Those solutions are modular and fits all your needs to:

  • Handle bigger drum such as 200L drum
  • Adapt follower plate to material chemistry
  • Define chop check pump with proper pressure ratio and piston stroke, deoending of application requirements
  • Add option such as two hand safety box, level controller, heated system
  • Add accessories such as regulator, filter ...