Easy color change for automatic application

Complete Solutions to Ensure

  • Fast color changes
  • Manual & automatic Airmix® guns deliver 86% transfer efficiency
  • Durable construction provides dependability and performance for long life
  • Automatic and manual paint lines
  • Compatible with most stain and UV paint lines
  • Low Pressure versions available
  • 2 to 20 color changes
  • Customizable color changing & flushing sequences
  • Pneumatic manual control panel
  • Air piloted fluid regulator with I/P transducer control
  • Color valve stack including Air/Solvent purge valves 
  • Manual system over-rides
  • Stainless Steel construction on the fluid regulator and compatible with most coatings
  • Durable construction provides dependability and performance
  • CTM Color change valves have large fluid passages for delivering multiple colors to a spray station
  • Maximum flow rate of the system is based on pumps selected to supply system
  • Recommended guns - AVX Airmix®, ATX Airmix®, AXC Airmix®, Xcite™ 120 & 200
  • Recommended Flowmax® Airmix® pumps - 08.120FT, 16.120FT, 20.220FT
  • Recommended Airmix® High Flow Rate pumps - 08.120T, 16.120T



Concept Layout

Man-U-Color Airmix Medium Pressure System
Piston pump
Piston pump

08.120T or 16.120T for circulating and large production applications.  The turbo air motor is recommended for continuous use.


(2) Agitator
(2) Agitator

Cyclix range

AVS Airmix Gun

Up to 20 colors

Integrating Pressure regulator and dump valve

(5) AVX
(5) AVX

Automatic Airmix® spray gun

Modular Conception

Modular Conception

This solution is modular and fits all your needs for:

  • Handle high number of colors
  • Manu-u-color is also available in airspray and HVL¨P version
  • Use bigger paint drum
  • Add electrostatic effect
  • Compatible for solventbase and waterborne material