Electrostatic AIRSPRAY solution for water-based materials - ISOCUBE

This solution is a simple AIRSPRAY concept using our ISOCUBE for spraying water-based paint with an additional electrostatic effect
Isocube application picture
Isocube application picture

Complete solution for electrostatic Airspray applications with water-based materials

  • Adjustment of the fan width and the electrostatic effect on the gun
  • High transfer efficiency thanks to the wrap around effect limiting the material losses on the booth
  • Plug & spray solution that's easy to assemble
  • Intuitive settings from the gun or from the controller   
  • Robust construction that can be transported easily
  • Careful selection of parts in contact with the material to ensure perfect compatibility with water-based paints   


ISOCUBE Airspray electrostatic water-based applications

We offer several water-based electrostatic options using either our ISOCUBE solutions

Nanogun airspray aircap

The nanogun Airspray spraygun must be fitted with our genuine 1.2  spray nozzles to guarantee the best results.

"Tips and Tricks":

To coat tubular shapes and grid  parts, we do recommend to use the Vortex projector which will optimize the wrap-around  and penetrating effect of the paint on the recessed areas. For flat shaped parts, the flat spray aircap will give the best results.

At the end of the day, leave the aircap and nozzle  - only those 2 parts - in the water until the next use. 

Nanogun Airspray H2O
(2) Nanogun airspray H20 electrostatic gun

The Nanogun airspray H20 version does not require ATEX compliance and can be use in job coaters activities as long as the ventilation is correctly renewed. 

"Tips and Tricks": The use of our gun cover will  pertfectly protect your gun. When you flush, we recommend you place your gun on the side wall of the paint container to prevent any splashing. 


Specially dedicated to the Nanogun Airspray electrostatic spray gun : user-friendly, it yields a high voltage/current constant curve. The control panel allows to control the atomization air, the pump pressure (air for product pressure) and flow rate adjustment.

Tips and Tricks: for a safe and quick start-up, always check that the Isocube is properly grounded as the state of the art.  Then check your paint viscosity (up to 50s CA4) , then, stirr well the paint before priming. You need to start the pump smoothly to prevent air entraped in the fluid circuit.  

product airspray hose
(4) Hoses

You will need to select the right length of hoses between the paint pump and the spray gun depending on your installation and your spray booth location . 

"Tips and Tricks": For operator safety , only use our genuine hoses (7,5 and 15 m) and in any case and never make any hose extension.

Airspray tanks
(5) pressure pots

 You should select the size of your pressure pot according to your application and paint. Example, for touch-up works, we recommend you use the 2 liters capacity tank. For water-based paints, we recommend to use a stainless steel tank fitted with an agitator and a bottom outlet.

"Tips and Tricks": For large capacity pressure pots, you can fit several propellers on the agitator rod. 

PMP150 Airspray Paint Pump
(5) Diaphragm pump

 PMP150 is our easiest pumping solution. It is a diaphragm pump (for application requiring a 1:1 ratio) and can be used with adhesive, medium viscosity or harsh coating.

"Tips and Tricks": You need to operate this pump with a clean air - without any condensation -  it is why we recommend the use of an epurator on the air circuit.

During the flushing operation, always open wide the fluid regulator for a better cleaning of the fluid passage recessed areas. The suction rod need also to remain in the solvent. 

02C85 Airspray Paint Pump
(5) Piston pump

 This cup lub pump range represents an economical production/price ratio. Those pumps are dedicated for solvant and water-based paints.

Our Sames pump range features fluid section stainless steel This pump is not recommended for moisture-sensitive materials. In case of multiple color changes, we recommend to use the smallest hydraulic section which matches your need to save paint and solvents..

"Tips and Tricks": In case of very viscous materials, this pump type can be fed under pressure. 


 The main filtration can be done at the paint pump using a dedicated filter mounted at the product output of the paint pump. The filter screen need to be adjusted depending on your paint to prevent tip blockage when spraying.

We supply two different types of filters:

    the inline filter which requires a very small amount of solvent for flushing sequences
    the filter accumulator which is the one which is usually mounted on our pumps.

"Tips and Tricks": Place the filter with the vessel oriented on the top to be used as an accumulator 

Isocube interior details
(7) Pump feeding: suction rod

 Allows you to pump the material directly from a drum container. Different suction hose diameters are available regarding the viscosity of the paint. We supply suction rods for drums with a capacity of 60 liters and 200 liters.

"Tips and Tricks": Even if the suction rod is not a wear part, we recommend you check it daily as the strainer is not plugged. Always keep a couple extra strainers in stock! 

Mixing agitator
(7) Pump feeding: agitator

 An agitator will maintain all the components of the paint in constant movement preventing any deposition of pigments and will keep the best performance of the pump and the gun. It will also ensure perfect homogenous colors during the application.

"Tips and Tricks": When manipulating the agitator, we highly recommend you shut down the air in the circuit , even if the ball valve is off.

Nozzle and hose length selection criteria table to help you choose the right pump which will meet your needs

Kit Name

Product pressure

Fan size

Gun Included Paint Feed Hoses Regulator Hose Sleeve
Airspray ISOCUBE 7/102 Ø 6 Nanogun Airspray H20 02C85 7.5m Air - ID8mm
​7.5m Fluid - ID6.5mm
Yes Yes
Airspray ISOCUBE 7/102 Ø 8 Nanogun Airspray H20 02C85 7.5m Air - ID8mm
​7.5m Fluid - ID6.5mm
Yes Yes
Airspray ISOCUBE 7/102 flat fan Nanogun Airspray H20 02C85 7.5m Air - ID8mm
​7.5m Fluid - ID6.5mm
Yes Yes
Airspray ISOCUBE 7/102 Ø 6 Nanogun Airspray H20 02C85 15m Air - ID8mm
15m Fluid - ID6.5mm
Yes Yes



7/102 Ø 8 Nanogun Airspray H20 02C85 15m Air - ID8mm
15m Fluid - ID6.5mm
Yes Yes
Airspray ISOCUBE 7/102 Ø 12 Nanogun Airspray H20 02C85 15m Air - ID8mm
15m Fluid - ID6.5mm
Yes Yes
Airspray ISOCUBE 7/102 flat fan Nanogun Airspray H20 02C85 15m Air - ID8mm
15m Fluid - ID6.5mm
Yes Yes