Interior Sealing in Paint Shop

Robotic Advanced solution for sealing interiors of body areas where dust and water resistance is required.
Robotic seam sealing automotive
Robotic seam sealing automotive

The Sealing robotic cell apply beads of PVC resin into the floor surface of car bodies.

The sealing protect bodies from water and dust entrance into life compartment and structure cavities.

Complete Solutions to Ensure

  • Flexible & Compact multi-gun head for extrusion and narrow flatstream
  • StreamLoop regulation control based on Sames experience
  • Recirculation material : gun to booster pump
  • Low investment solution
  • Lightweight equipment for high speed robotic application
  • Compatible with standard lightweight robots
  • Complete solution from pump to applicator
  • High reliability equipment
  • Pump range adapts to your flow and pressure requirement

Concept Layout

(1) Ram Unit supply
(1) Ram Unit supply

1000 L Folding Accordion shaped Ram unit

QUATRO HP 53-C570 4 ball piston pump
(2) Recirculation Booster pump
  • Booster and recirculation pump
  • Feeding during up & downstroke
  • Symmetrical design for best balance pressure
  • Most efficient pump in booster operation
(3) StreamLoop regulation
(3) StreamLoop regulation
  • Fast : Adjust itself continuously
  • Robust : Learn from previous job gap
  • Accurate : <3%
(4) Robotic application
(4) Robotic application
  • Compact & lightweight gun
  • Multi-gun available
  • Fast and thin arm robot
(5) 1000L RAM unit
(5) 1000L RAM unit

Specific high volume RAM unit is available to keep the production running inside one shift at least.

(6) Special Seal
(6) Special Seal

To fit the right size of the 1000L drum and to be tight, we have developped a specific inflatable seal which enables to run through the drum without any pressure failures, leakages or air inclusions.

(7) HIGH Flow concept
(7) HIGH Flow concept

To be able to deliver the highest flow needed in a production line with many applicators (robots and manual guns), we have developped a range of multiple pumps fitted on the same follower plate. Also we usually design a double RAM unit to make the drum changeover in hidden time without any production line stop.

Close loop regulation concept

Close loop regulation concept

Most of the beads can be applied with a simple close loop regulation loop, which is more convenient in term of process than a shotmeter. Variable bead size and spray are available with multiple gun options, including 3D head when needed.

Sames long experience in precise flow regulation allows the system to outpass most of the existing solutions in the market.

Modular conception

Modular conception

This solution is modular and fits all your needs to:

  • adapt pressure and flowrate with a wide range of pumps
  • apply the requested quality : spray, extrusion, flat stream
  • install as many robots as requested to follow your specifications : cycle time, length of bead, quality check,
  • add options to improve efficiency: vision system for body positioning, temperature control to maintain the high quality of application.