Robotic Advanced solution for Liquid Applied Sound Deadener into body and doors areas where vibration control is required.
LASD application
LASD application

The LASD robotic cell apply on the floor surface of car bodies or on door panels. Water-based LASD is the modern alternative to traditional bitumen mats with significant weight savings.

The LASD dampen dramatically noise and vibration of panels for a better comfort of passenger.

Complete Solutions to Ensure

  • Accurate dispensing of viscous materials
  • Continuous material supply without production brake
  • Precise and reliable application
  • Constant material delivering without breaks on the application
  • Robot interface
  • Excellent flatstream homogeneity because the material temperature is kept stable in the installation
  • Flexibility of the production capacity
  • Management optimization of your human ressources and no more risks of operators' fatigue
  • Easy maintenance because your equipment are modular-built

Concept layout

Chop check extrusion pump warm material
(1) Chop Check piston pump

Chop check piston pumps are the most used in the thick world.

(2) Rexflow controller
(2) Rexflow controller

Control heated zone, pump start & stop, pressure regulation, runaway protection…

(3) Volurex shotmeter

Large choice of chamber size and outlet valve. Available for high pressure usage

Autostream Control unit
(4) Autostream application controller

Friendly user controller of your pumping and application :

  • Touch color screen
  • Heating zones control
  • Wifi remote control
LASD continuous application

LASD continuous application

In the case of high volumes to dispense, we can also use a close loop regulation with mass flowmeters.
Our recirculation concept with QUATTRO pumps allows to have always fresh material at the gun head with a controlled and stable temperature.
Double RAM units can execute a hiden time changeover to let the production run without stop.
Double QUATTRO booster pumps allows to get a higher flow, and to be able to continue dispensing in case of maintenance on 1 pump.

Modular conception

Modular conception

This solution is modular and fits all your needs to:

- Different drum size
- Large choice of chamber sizes.
- Different outlet valves : flatstream, spray
- Manage heated zone : follower plate, pump's piston, hoses, shotmeter...
- Delivering to more station …etc.