Tandem unit 20L pail

Tandem unit with Expert Rexflow
Tandem unit with Expert Rexflow

Complete Solutions to Ensure

  • High motor flexibility with 2 working mode:
    • Powerful from 4 bars working
    • Smooth start from 0.5 bar
  • Better material priming thanks to floating pallet
  • Constant material delivering even when drum is empty
  • Very stable flow and output pressure thanks to fast reversing switch air motor
  • Adjustable pump stroke depending on the production requirement
  • Avoid any pump run-away
  • Easy to handle with our fast coupling system between motor and hydraulic section
  • Air motor and piston compatibility inside the THOR range
  • Heating zone management

Concept Layout




1. Follower plate


2. Ram (Elevator)


3. REXSON chop check pump


4. End drum level sensor


5. Rexflow control cabinet : handeling alarn, heated zone, drum refilling in mask time

Modular conception

Modular conception

This solution is modular and fits all your needs to:

  • Handle 200L drum
  • Adapt follower plate to material chemistry
  • Define chop check pump with proper pressure ratio and piston stroke
  • Manage heating zone via Rexflow control box
  • Add accessories such as regulator, filter ...