Airspray LVLP

Compliant LVLP is an Airspray technology offering a good mix between conventional and HVLP atomization technlogies.
Airspray LVLP technology
Airspray LVLP technology

Liquid Airspray Spraying Technologies

LVLP spraying technology features a minimal transfer efficiency of 65% (like HVLP) and improves productivity compared to HVLP. Therefore, the LVLP technology is compliant with the European Standard DIN EN 13966-1 and EPA regulation in the United States.

LVLP gives an outstanding finishing quality for low & medium viscosity materials such as primers, stains, base/top/clear coats, high gloss finishing, metallic and UV paints.

When either the material viscosity or the flow rates are too high, HVLP technology cannot be used.  Extensive research on the gun & spray aircap has been conducted to increase the productivity of the HVLP technology while keeping a high transfer efficiency. This has led to the creation of the Sames LVLP technology.




LVLP technology offers a high finish quality that is compliant with automotive quality standards.


Our spray gun concept allows you to easily switch from HVLP to LVLP upon your production requirements by simply changing the aircap.


Minimum transfer efficiency of 65%

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Discover our last FPro Airspray manual spraygun!

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