Airspray - Restrictor technology

The (patent pending) restrictor is an innovation from Sames which enhances the Airspray technology.
Paint restrictor technology
Paint restrictor technology

Restrictor technology

The Sames paint restrictor calibrates the flowrate and creates a controlled pressure loss upstream. The nozzle only distributes the paint to the aircap.

Restrictor Innovative Technology

Reduced AIR consumption and better Transfer efficiency

The fluid remains longer in front of the aircap and requires less air for the same quality.

Finer Spray Quality

The fluid remains longer in front of the aircap and with the same amount of air, the diameter of the droplets is reduced for an improved finish quality.

Reduced nozzle and needle wear

As the restrictor calibrates the flowrate there is no need to set the flowrate with the needle. The needle can remain on the back position and you will have the same performance and reduce the wear of the nozzle/needle (no more matting).

Steady flowrate

The controlled pressure loss brought by the restrictor allows you to increase the working pressure of the pump to be in optimum operating conditions while keeping the same ideal flowrate required by the application.