Airspray Vortex paint

The (patent pending) paint vortex is an innovation from Sames which enhances the Airspray technology.
Vortex injection technology
Vortex injection technology

Vortex technology

The Sames paint Vortex produces a swirling effect to the paint which allows the paint to leave the nozzle under an helical pattern shape which improves the homogeneity of the film build. 

No blotchy effect

Due to the vortex effect, the shape of the fan pattern is applied better onto the surface of the substrate that will be coated which leads to better homogeneity of the film build which eliminates any blotchy effect.

Better Transfer efficiency on complex parts

The paint vortex creates a non-linear fan pattern which allows the paint particles to reach every area of the substrate to be coated. This brings a major benefit when the shape of the part is complex with different levels  (edges, grooves...).

Reduced paint booth maintenance

The distance travelled by the particles between the nozzle and the part becomes longer slowing down the paint and avoiding any bounce back effect onto the part.

Vortex brings significant advantages for optimum paint atomization!