Dual Pin

Bell spraying technoloy

Bell spraying technoloy

A new state-of-the-art electrode is now available for external charge applications. A reduction in contamination has been made possible with the addition of another pin pointing to the bell.

The contamination of electrodes is the greatest challenge in external charge applications. The atomizer's trajectory is the most contributing factor in contamination, along with the robot speed and booth air flow & humidity.

Sames, once again, innovates the process by adding a second pin on each "finger" of our external charge atomizer, PPH 707 EXT. As the second pin drops paint leaving the edge of the bell in order to increase the electrostatic charging effect, the global efficiency of the atomizer increases. As additional droplets are charged & the transfer efficiency increases, the overspray then decreases thus absolving the contamination issue of the atomizer.


When designing painting equipment, we strive to reach the highest potential in paint shop capabilities. Because contamination of the electrodes in external charge atomizers rapidly decreases transfer efficiency, it is very important to clean the electrodes as soon they become dirty. Unfortunately, stopping the paint line for cleaning decreases your production rate. Dual Pin technology provides the most effective solution in producing more than 200 cars without manually cleaning electrodes.