EX shape

Bell spraying technoloy

Bell spraying technoloy

The special shape of the bell surface, similar to an EXponential curve, provides rapid acceleration of the paint particles inside the bell cup yielding excellent atomization. This information was previously unknown to conventional bell generations.

There are 2 sizes of Ex-shape bell cup:

  • EX65: prodive real good atomization for enhanced color-match
  • EX80: combined with PPH 707 ICWB-M is the preferred tool for larger parts with the highest flowrate - pattern width up to 500mm. This bell cup reaches the highest quality standards in Airspray paint applications with the unsurpassed transfer efficiency of electrostatic bell technology.

Both bell cup are magnetic and combined with Dual Shaping air Hi-Te technology. 

Spraying EFFICIENCY improvement

thanks to wide spray pattern

Number of robot IMPROVEMENT

more surface painted per minute

CLASS A in paint atomization and color matching

provided by high acceleration of the paint particles