FCC (Fast Color Change) technology

Auto Mach-Jet FCC

Powder spraying technology

Equipment fitted with FCC (Fast Color Change) technology enables the color change in a powder process.  FCC technology minimizes the retention of powder and allows perfect cleaning in a very short time.

FCC technology can be seen as a whole, it is implemented on every single function of the powder coating line.

  • For powder spray gun, we have made a special focus with the droplet shape of the gun which prevents the powder to stick on the gun body and makes cleaning easy, quick and complete.
  • For powder booth, it is equiped with air nozzles to efficiently blow the outside part of the gun
  • For the powder center, the color change is done by blowing sequences of the pumps, hoses and guns
Fast color change

within 5 minutes


to process with a minimum time spent for color changing. No powder leakage thanks to the hopper and circuits design. No dedicated ventilation means less energy.  


with less powder in process, less waste is generated