Flowmax® Feeding

Flowmax® technology guarantees total sealing for leak-free pumps.
Flowmax® Feeding
Flowmax® Feeding

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Flowmax® technology guarantees total sealing for leak free pumps.

Flowmax® technology is a bellow concept installed on the pump piston to give the customer total reliability when processing high solids, abrasives, UV, pre-catalized, water-based paints & hardeners containing isocyanate. The Flowmax® technology guarantees a perfect seal to ensure a leakproof pump.

Flowmax® Bellow Technology is a patented Sames design with an improved piston life.

Pumps equipped with Flowmax®  substantially outlast traditional pump designs with normal sealing. 

In addition, Flowmax® has been adapted to our guns for an unrivaled reliability. 


As a result of zero packing/cartridge


Bellows lifetime 10,000,000 cycles or up to 8 years

Rapid ROI

Return On Investment

NO material LEAKAGE or moisture/air/dust contamination

Sealing by bellow expansion and contraction