HTI™ Airspray

HTI Airspray technology is applied with 2 aircaps - E HVLP aircap & EP LVLP aircaps - resulting in outstanding finish quality for low to medium viscosity materials.
Liquid airspray spraying technology

Liquid airspray spraying technology

HTI means High Transfer Innovation.

HTI gives an outstanding finishing quality for low & medium viscosity materials, such as primers, stains, base/top/clear coats, high gloss finishing, metallic or UV paints.

HTI technolology is applied with 2 aircaps:

  • E-K HVLP - an HVLP compliant aircap
  • EP - an LVLP efficient aircap head
Optimal PAINT SAVINGS for minimum booth contamination
  • 74% transfer efficiency (EN 13966-1) in LVLP version
  • 76% transfer efficiency (EN 13966-1) in HVLP version
Class A FINISHING QUALITY for Automotive industry

For low & medium viscosity materials

HVLP compliance                                                                                

With the E- K HVLP aircap, the atomizing air will never exceed 0.7 bar at the aircap

High PRODUCTIVITY with aircap interchangeability       

Using the same gun & nozzle, aircaps can be alternated