Magnetic cup

Magnetic Cup is used for rotating atomizers.
Bell spraying technology : Magnetic clip

Bell spraying technology : Magnetic clip

No tools are required to fit the unique bell cup to the atomizer thanks to the innovative magnetic fastening technology from Sames.

The cleverly designed fastening system of the magnets, in conjunction with the HVT Turbine, is safe & reliable for heavy-duty painting operations. Installation & removal of the bell cup is so simple, in fact, any young trainee can do it !

NO TOOLS required

No need to use special or expensive tools to assemble the bell cup on the atomizer.


With the remote bell cup control we made it impossible to spray without a bell cup mounted to the atomizer in order to instantly secure your productions. 

LARGE Selection Available

Depending on your paint process, one of these bell cups is perfect for your next application: EC35, EC50, EX65, EX80.