MB-A seal cartridge

MB-A cartridge is a patented sealing technology offering best performances - superior strength and durability - with water-based and premixed 2K materials
MB-A pump cartridge seal
MB-A pump cartridge seal

Easy maintenance for a quick and simple installation reducing down times


The single block design has been optimized to reduce deadzone and facilitate flushing


Always clean piston, preventing any paint accumulation on the top of the cartridge

MBA cartridge

MB-A seal cartridge, unique patented design

To meet the last generations of paints used in most markets which require special care, Sames has developped and patented a new generation of sealing cartridges: MB-A technology. 

This technology is standard on most of our Airmix® and Airless Fine Finish pumps.

Key success factors : integration of both energized lip seal on the material side and wiper top seal to clean any paint accumulation and prevent lubricant contamination.

The construction material is chemically compatible with every material but specially recommended when operating water-based paints, multi-component pre-mixed materials.

Additional to that, cartridge construction ensures easy maintenance and no need of retightening the seals manually along the life time. 

This new cartridge is also easy to flush and offers an improved wear resistance and prolonged lifecycle.