Pulse-Free Electronic Control (PFE) acts on unique pump changeover technology to ensure consistent metering.

Liquid mixing technology

PFE technology exist on the reverse pump in hidden time to ensure consistent metering.

PFE means Pulse Free Electronic control.
This technology is installed on our dosing machines where motors are controlled electronically (PU3000 range). These machines operate in sequential modes - successive injection of base and catalyst.


Operating principle

Upon injection of the base, the PLC calculates whether the pump stroke of the catalyst is sufficient to inject the preset volume:

  • If yes, base injection continues without acting simultaneously on the catalyst pump
  • If no, an electronic pulse is fed to the catalyst pump to force its inversion. This operation takes place in masked time during base injection

This operation is also carried out with the base pump during the injection of the catalyst volume.


because the pumps never change over during an injection cycle.


You will never have a spray pattern variation during spraying