The Quatro™ technology is a high flow rate pumping process without pulsation technology & can be used as a feeding or boosting system.
Liquid feeding technology

Liquid feeding technology

Quatro Pumps are designed to meet the performance and life requirements of Automotive Users :

  • Paint Circulation and Supply
  • PVC Circulation and Supply
  • Sound Deadening Supply

Quatro Pumps are proving themselves in application around the world every day.

Operating principle

Hydraulic section perfectly balanced on up and down stroke

V1 is equal to V2, the fluid output is constant without pressure losses.

A complete range for high flowrate requirement, availble for low pressure and high pressure needs:

  • 570 cc/cycle
  • 750 cc/cycle
  • 2 000 cc/cycle
  • 3 700 cc/cycle
  • 6 000 cc/cycle
  • 10 000 cc/cycle
LONG LIFE design

to meet 24/7 service needs

EASY maitenance

because the ball are externally serviceable

Fully COMPATIBLE with most material
Diffrent throat packings changed in only15 minutes or less
  • PTFE+Leather
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene + Leather
HIGH FLOW rate with

minimal pressure losses