The Vortex is a specific nozzle giving a Vortex effect in the paint line. The advantage is to have a better penetration in the complex shape parts by having a slower speed of paint particule.
Liquid spraying technology

Liquid spraying technology

Vortex means 'swirling air.' This unique nozzle provides a Vortex effect in the paint line as a result of peek inserts, which allows for better penetration on complex shape parts through a slower speed of paint particle.

The pattern forces paint into hollows and cavities while spraying as fast as possible to provide the best achievable wrap.

Its finer spray reduces overspray while the diffuser better atomizes the paint resulting in a larger & softer vortex.

Vortex air shroud accelerates the particles in the same manner as an Airspray gun and can apply an aluminum flake coating for a metallic effect.

ONE LAYER target for complex shapes versus the 2 - 3 layers required by competition's

This is a result of the high transfer efficiency & quality of the fan pattern

EXCELLENT finishing quality                                             

Due to the finer spray of Vortex

Perfect PAINT PENETRATION on complex shapes                           

As a result of the slower speed of paint particles