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We benefit from SAMES KREMLIN expertise in wood finishing: our Airmix® paint spraying equipment are very sturdy, reliable, efficient and after-sales service and support is great!
ART ASIA global
ART ASIA global

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ART ASIA furniture

At Art Asia, we believe that how you make something is as important as what you make!

Driven by the spirit of two young engineers, Artasia was created in 1996 in the compounds of a small 5000 sq ft unit. With the vision of creating contemporary products rooted in the tradition of indian crafts and methods of construction, they set out on an exploratory journey to figure out what was expected in the international markets.

At Artasia, we believe how you make something is as important as what you make. We take great pride in being the industry pioneers in various processes of manufacturing, polishing, finishing and packaging.

Our manufacturing unit,now spreads across 10,500 sq mt with 60,000 sq ft of constructed area. Our machines are imported from the best makers in the industry as SAMES KREMLIN to ensure each product that is shipped out is a perfect fit not just for your store but every home it is going to be a part of.

Great care is taken during chemical treatment and seasoning of wood. To ensure seamless shipping, our products go through routine inspections and drop tests. Of course, the finishing of our product range is a major concern and we have chosen SAMES KREMLIN equipment for their performance, the savings we ara ble to acheive and the quality of spraying they bring to us over the time.


ART ASia manager

"Our Airmix® equipment have proven their reliability over time"

Sandeep Mudra, General Manager of ART ASIA comments: "In Art Asia, we are into manufacturing solid wood furniture and home textile product and we are exporting all these products throughout the world.

The main choice criteria for us at the time for evaluation our spray booths, pumps and spray guns was that those equipment needed to be very sturdy, reliable with a support and after sales service whic had to be very good:  So based on the expertise of SAMES KREMLIN in wood working Industry, we decided to go for the SAMES KREMLIN Equipment. The Xcite spray un is perfect for our sprayers, as the design of the spray gun makes it light , its ergonomic design is very good , so the fatigue to the sprayer is much less.

Furthermore, with the SAMES KREMLIN equipment, the saving of the spray paint is very good , it is around 30 to 40 % savings of the spray paint!"

ART ASIA production manager

"Our Airmix® pumps are very reliable"

Ummed Singh Gehlot comments on his feedback using our equipment: "I am working in this company from 2007 as a post of store In-charge and maintenance. We have been using SAMES KREMLIN pumps for more than 20 years. Their pumps is very perfect and reliable.

It saves our labour cost, product cost and material cost.

We are thankful for getting timely support from SAMES KREMLIN! There pumps are very reliable and we are very happy using this pump!"


ART ASIA professional painters

"Working with the Airmix® Xcite™ spray gun is beneficial for our health"

Krishan and Hansraj, Professional painters comment:

Krishan: "I have been working with Art Asia since 20 Years. 7 Painters are working with me,the Xcite Airmix® Gun is very lightweight and its operation is very good
we love working with this gun, it is beneficial for our health also"

Hansraj, "I have been working here for the past 13 years, I am using the SAMES KREMLIN Gun and Pump from 13 years; this gun doesn't produce any overspray, It is very lightweight , we love working with this Gun, it is smooth to work with it and its trigger is also very good."