Gausdal Bruvoll: Our high speed finishing line works great!

As we are focused on extremely high speed capacity and rapid change of colors: we are very impressed by SAMES KREMLIN know-how and expertise, Airless® and Airmix® equipment efficiency as well as for your cooperation partner CoverSpray industrial thinking. Now, after several months of operation, no problem so far!
Gausdal Bruvoll testimony
Gausdal Bruvoll testimony

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Gausdal Bruvoll facility

Gausdal Bruvoll chosed SAMES KREMLIN for its most sophisticated plant producing wood cladding in Europe!

Gausdal Bruvoll is one of the Norvegian's leading manufacturers of wood claddings. In 2019, Gausdal Bruvoll will have annual sales of approx. 45 million euros and employs around 120 full-time staff. Their range of wood products is constantly evolving and they are constantly developing both production and products. The head office is in Segalstad in Gausdal, about 15 minutes drive from Lillehammer. Their business includes sawing, drying, sorting and planning, painting/coating finishing as well as logistics and product delivery.

In total, their two factories (Gausdal Bruvoll and GB Gran Tre) saw about 220,000 m3 of wood per year, which is equivalent to almost 24 trucks with wood every working day. Both plants are undergoing continuous development and modernization and in 2017 the most efficient surface treatment in Europe, equipped with SAMES KREMLIN products, for exterior cladding wood cladding was put into operation in Gausdal!

The most important role of exterior cladding is to protect against the weather. With systemic treatments, Gausdal's quality wood cladding offers optimal protection against rot, fungi and the effects of the climate. They can be produced in opaque or transparent colors using the SAMES KREMLIN color change systems and can be combined in various ways.


Gausdal CEO interview

Jørn Nørsteliens. CEO of GAUSDAL BRUVOLL: I am very satisfied with SAMES KREMLIN finishing equipment and support!

We have the largest painting plant for auto cladding in the Nordic countries, painting some 12,5 million meters last year. 

We are focused on speed capacity and rapid change of colors: we change color up to 20 times a day so that's a key factor and we were very impressed by SAMES KREMLIN and your cooperation partner CoverSpray with their industrial thinking. 

Now, after several months of operation, we have already used some 250 thousand liters of paint and the pumps works very well and we are very satisfied with SAMES KREMLIN, no problem so far!


Truls Traseeth, factory manager: Everything works fine from the very first day!

What's important for us is that we have full control of the paint application and all the different colors that are supposed to be produced every day. We are totally depending of fast color changes and for that reason appreciate the latest innovative color change valves and pumps from SAMES KREMLIN!

We have 10 pumps installed which 3 by 3, are dedicated to each spray booth. This gives us the flexibility to change color within just a few seconds.

After being in production with the pumps and guns from SAMES KREMLIN, we have now a really good experience and have seen that extremely low monitoring and maintenance is requested. Simple to use, Simple to replace the filter, everything works fine from the very first day!