HERITAGE Wood (India) | More than 30% savings with our Airmix® equipment

SAMES KREMLIN's paint equipment is excellent! I really suggest you test it yourself. It's the only way for you to find out their outstanding performance!
HERITAGE Global testomony
HERITAGE Global testomony

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HERITAGE: Contemporary Solid Wood Furniture

Started in 1994, Heritage has grown into a leading furniture exporting company of India.. HERITAGE strive to continue the ancient Indian tradition of excellence in craftsmanship A vertically integrated facility catering to a varied customer base in over 30 countries.

Its vertically integrated facility offers optimum working conditions to ensure timely and quality delivery to customers. A R&D team of in-house and overseas designers for the ever changing requirements of their worldwide customers. HERITAGE is a  socially responsible company committed to employee welfare and sustainable development. The choice of SAMES KREMLIN wood finishing equipment with low VOC emissions and comfortable Airmix® Xcite™ spraygun demonstrates that concern.

HERITAGE  has been chosen as a Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) member by the WWF


HERITAGE India Paint line manager testimony

30% paint savings with our Airmix® Xcite™ spray gun!

Rahul, Paint line manager states about SAMES KREMLIN equipment:  "They are really, really very good. Very good tool to work with, very low maintenance, really those equipment are, on a very large scale. There are also very light to use, compared to other machine. it's very product saving, also.It almost saved around 30 % and support & after-sales service  that we get from SAMES KREMLIN team, that was always very good!

On my behalf, I would suggest everyone to go for these equipment, as they are very environmental friendly also; they don't create any cloud of dust when you use them. I will not say much about it , I will say that you should use those equipment, then only you will come to know the real picture about it .


HERITAGE India painter testimony

The Xcite™ spray gun sprays lacquers evenly!

Alok, professional painter states: "I have been working the past 15-16 years with spray guns from SAMES KREMLIN. The Xcite™ is very lightweight, does minimum overspray. Its trigger is also very soft and this gun sprays properly! It sprays lacquer on my part evenly without any overspray so that we get very good quality on our part and the finishing quality we get from the Xcite is very excellent!