HIMMELSBACH Lackierungen (Germany)

We decided to go for SAMES KREMLIN electrostatic equipment to develop our business in the industry's market places

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Himmelsbach factory

Himmelsbach Lackierungen: premium service and high finish quality painting expertise

Himmelsbach Lackierungen is  a professional contract painting company and full-service provider dealing with all aspects of surface coating, with high storage capacities and logistics services. As an owner-run family company with over 70 years of experience and expertise, the company is known as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.sThanks to the know-how and dedication of their experts, they can master demanding production processes and in doing so continuously achieve high-quality results. They invested in SAMES KREMLIN electrostatic equipment to guarantee premium finish to their customers. They are now a painting job coater for many industrial market places:

  • Battery casing for electric bikes, accessory parts for brushes, ballpoint pens, phones, vacuum cleaners: In daily use, there are hardly any parts nowadays that haven't been surface-treated. To impart the value and durability needed, they paint consumer goods as required to a consistently high quality.
  • Components for construction machines, trains, wind turbines, agricultural equipment and also parts used in freight carriage and shipping or components for truck-mounted cranes and forklifts and precision parts for military defense.
  • Whether it's office systems, cabinet or kitchen fronts, or tables, chests of drawers and chairs, or even terracing and garden elements, the right coating applied with the Nanogun gives the furniture the desired look.

As a one-off, small series or for large systems – almost anything's possible.

n owner-run family company with over 70 years of experience and expertise, we are a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Himmelsbach manager testimony

The company owner testimony

Herbert Himmelsbach - owner of the company - states: "We have reoriented the strategy of the company throughout the years and are now focussing completely on industrial coating.

We had been very much focused on automotive applications. Therefore, we have decided some years ago to establish a cooperation with the company SAMES KREMLIN and to implement their technologies in our premises. 

Which, for some products - for many products - now makes sense."

Himmelsbach testimony

The Key Account Manager testimony

Florian Müller, Key account manager, states:  "Here at Himmelsbach Lackierungen, we are a medium-sized job coater. Our product portfolio of parts that we paint goes from small sizes such as coffee cups  up to big motors and car body parts. 

In our daily work, we have found out that due to the different geometry of the components,  there are very high demands on the surface quality. We have found a good partner with SAMES KREMLIN, especially when it comes to electrostatic applications

Thanks to the introduction of electrostatics,  we could achieve a high reduction of paint consumption, which is beneficial for our customers."