KLASSIC WHEELS (India) | 5 times less rework times thanks to our PPH308 rotary bell!

We are greatly improving our productivity with SAMES KREMLIN!: "Thanks to their continued support, we will be able to almost triple our production in a few months while reducing our rework times by a factor of 5! Many thanks to SAMES KREMLIN team!"
Klassic Wheels global estimony
Klassic Wheels global estimony

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Klassic Wheels ltd

Klassic Wheels: more than 11 million wheel rims per year painted wit the PPH 308 bell sprayer

Founded in 1994, Klassic Wheels Ltd is a global Automotive Steel Rim Manufacturer with a leading position in India. The company manufacturers steel rim for 2-wheeler, 3 wheeler & 4-wheeler vehicles. Their state-of-the-art integrated manufacturing units are equiped with the specialized machineries that can fulfill all the requirements of their customers.

With a capacity of  more than 11 million wheel rims per year, their concern about the quality of the finishing process was obviously a major concern and it was the reason why they finaly choose SAMES KREMLIN automatic PPH308 bell sprayer and plural component mixing/dosing machines! 

Klassic Wheels VP operations testimony

With SAMES KREMLIN, our productivity increased from around 10,000 rims per day to 27,000 rims per day today

R H Choudaki, Vice President Operations for Klassic Wheels Ltd, states: "We are producing wheels for scooters and three-wheelers. All India level business is, about 65% of scooter wheels are made by us, and about 85% of three-wheeler rims are made by us. Earlier we were painting it manually, and 5 years ago, we implemented SAMES [KREMLIN] bell with reciprocator and we started improving the productivity. Other times our rework percent was about 25 to 30%. Today it is about 5 to 6%.

Our productivity increased from around 10,000 rims per day to 27,000 rims per day today, and our target is to achieve 32,000 rims per day, and we hope to achieve this within maybe a couple of months.

This was all possible because of the help extended by SAMES [KREMLIN] team to us and continuous help by them, by their team, which helped us to improve our productivity, as well as control the rework. Many thanks to SAMES KREMLIN Team."

Klassic Wheels production manager

We have doubled our production and performance with SAMES KREMLIN equipment

Pradeep Mhaske, Production manager at Klassic from last 5 years, states: "Our PPH 308s product was installed on 15th August 2014. During these 5 years, I got very good Product Reliability, Consistency and Quality with SAMES product. The maintenance is very easy. From last 5 years, our Production is increased by double. With SAMES KREMLIN, the product quality is improved. From HONDA, they appreciate our quality product. From YAMAHA also. From BAJAJ also. We are consistency get number one ranking in product quality. In such a way, we are very happy with SAMES KREMLIN product.

We get number one ranking in product quality! we have increased by double our production, performance and very easy maintenance with SAMES KREMLIN equipment".  

Klassic Wheels - Maintenance Manager - India

The consumable costs for our PPH308 bell are much lower than for any other competitors' equipment.

Sayed Aejaz, Head of maintennace from last six and half years, states: "We have installed SAMES KREMLIN gun with bell before five years. It is working very well.The performance is good. We are getting a good services from the SAMES KREMLIN. If we required any support from the company we are getting feedback and help from the telephone as well as if in case we require some help in emergency, SAMES KREMLIN is definitely putting a person from our closest distance and getting the services very fast.

No problem for the gun. The cost for the maintenance is very less. The best, most important thing is that the consumable for this product is very less compared to any other product".