LMPI - High level performance anti-corrosion powder applications

LMPI PRESTIA has chosen the E-Jet 2 HF electrostatic powder package to meet its high level quality standards.
LMPI PRESTIA testimony
LMPI PRESTIA testimony
Job coater market

A paint application dedicated to withstand harsh outside environmental conditions!

The technology of thermoplastic powder coating consists in applying in powder form a paint free of any VOC (Volatile Organic Coefficient), which can be applied on any ferrous or non-ferrous substrates, requiring a polymerization at temperatures of 180°C.

LMPI PRESTIA has developed a specific expertise in the application of  thermoplastic powders  to meet high end specifications for markets such as:

  • Marine environment
  • Corrosive industrial environment
  • Transport and water distribution networks (wastewater treatment plant)

This ecological solution mastered by our teams allows us today to give guarantees through our label AFTA.P / QUALISTEELCOAT. This technology requires to apply thick layers of powder up to 800 microns to guarantee optimum protection and coverage.

E-Jet 2HF manager testimony

The Company Manager testimony

As a manager of LMPI, my concern was to select the best equipment to achieve our quality standards and get a full support . Finaly, we chose SAMES KREMLIN E-jet High-Flow powder coating equipment.

The equipment perfectly met our need for application: high thicknesses  up to 800 microns to deposit on hot parts. The reputation, the reliability, the service,  the technical support provided  is no longer to demonstrate.

E-Jet 2HF testimony RU

The Production Unit Supervisor testimony

Alain, Production Unit Supervisor at LMPI PRESTIA. gives its comments on the E-Jet High Flow package.  We have been using it for a year. Talking of maintenance, very easy!

We are very satisfied!  We paint steel structures with very thick powders and it goes very well! We are savings time!

LMPI PRESTIA E-Jet2HF painter testimony

The Professional Painter testimony

Mickael, professional painter comments on the E-Jet 2HF he has been using for a few months now. It is an equipment which is very ergonomic, easy to maintain, and the spray gun is lightweight to use.

I love the possibility to get precise settings, which really helps me getting a beautiful application,when working on parts with difficult to access areas.

It is really a very good powder spraying product that I do not hesitate at all to advise,  quite the opposite!