SAMES KREMLIN 2K Airmix® spraying system is awesome!

Our new automated 2K Airmix® system has improved efficiency and finish quality while decreased paint usage . The clean-up time between color changes has been drastically reduced.
Pellerin Milnot Global full testimony
Pellerin Milnot Global full testimony
Pellerin Milnor production facility

Pellerin Milnor Corporation is a leading commercial and industrial laundry equipment manufacturer.

Their product range  are designed and tested with the customer in mind and the finishing quality and corrosion protection is a major concern: SAMES KREMLIN mixing, dosing and spraying equipment are part of this challenge bringing a always consistency and premium aspect. Every machine that leaves Pellerin Milnor factory is personally signed and approved by a dedicated Milnor employee.

Pellerin Milnor Owner testimony

Technical support was tremendous from SAMES KREMLIN

Charles Ehrensing, Vice President, talks about his decision to upgrade their old paint process to reduce paint loss:
I'm vice president of plant operations. My responsibilities are factory operations for Pellerin Milnor Corporation. We're a family-owned corporation established in 1947
Our primary business is a manufacturer of equipment for laundry equipment from the smallest of our line a small coin operated machine to fully automated systems that go for a hospital and large linen supply houses. Several years ago, we had a paint process that needed to be upgraded and we made a decision to look at mixing systems, that type of thing, to try and minimize our paint loss and give us some consistency in the final product application.
We decided to use SAMES KREMLIN and we have received a significant reduction in our paint loss and we're able to increase our recycling of our clean up thinners so in paint cost thinner cost we have significant cost reductions that led to a payback of probably about 18 months on our equipment now installation and technical support was tremendous from SAMES KREMLIN
We had hands-on engineer whenever necessary. We had to debug  several of our paints in order to operate properly with the system and they were there, giving us guidance the entire way so we've been fortunate that the relationship seems to be one that works as a hand-in-hand operation so. We're extremely pleased with the system and look forward to increasing our relationship with SAMES KREMLIN


PELLERIN Milnor cell engineer testimony

With SAMES KREMLIN, our efficiency and quality has improved dramatically,

I'm Kirk Aymond, I'm a cell manager for the Pellerin Milnor corporation. We build commercial laundry equipment & we're a worldwide provider of that type of commodity.
We were introduced to the Kremlin equipment, which utilizes an automated mixturing, and delivery of system of liquid paints. And that has really brought us to a new level of painting in our facility. It has improved our efficiency tremendously, decreased our paint usage considerably as well. Also our quality has improved, whereas the paint is ensured to be mixed to the proper ratios between the catalyst and the base paints.
We can just look at our paint finishes now compared to what we were doing years back. You can see a consistency between all our paints. As mentioned, our efficiency has improved dramatically. We paint more than one color in two paint booth systems we have. So our clean-up time between color changes has been drastically reduced. I have to give a lot of credit to SAMES KREMLIN for their efforts in this venture. The played a great role in helping us to achieve this.


PELLERIN Milnor Professional painter testimony

Our Airmix® spraying system is awesome: Wow!

Hi, my name is Waldo Garcia. I've been here for quite a while, about  almost 20 years and we used to spray with a 2 gal pot and a 5 gal pot. We used to have a lot of overspray and all that.

With this machine, that SAMES KREMLIN brought it over here. as soon as you spray something it's like you got the millage, the coat is beautiful, shine, all that. When I saw that machine you know I said, "Wow."
And the tip that we use, it don't put out a lot of overspray or any of that. It's great. The machine is awesome.