Jürgen SCHRÖDER GmbH (Germany) | "High end quality with our Airmix® paint spray guns"

The finish quality spraying of our automatic AVX and manual Airmix® Xcite® spray guns is great ! We also appreciate the easy maintenance of SAMES KREMLIN equipment, especially with the exceptional lifespan our Flowmax® pumps! A real asset for our productivity!
SCHROEDER Global testimony
SCHROEDER Global testimony

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Jürgen SCHRÖDER GmbH: job coating for wooden windows, profiled woods and mouldings.

The Jürgen Schröder GmbH company has been created  since 1980 and is a contract paint store for wooden windows, planed goods, mouldings, doors, etc. For the coating of the wooden components the company uses the most modern coating technology and SAMES KREMLIN equipment.

Björn Schröder took over the management in 2015 of the Schröder Group. On an area of 5.000 m2, windows are varnished by means of a 6-axis varnishing robot, profiled timbers and moulding coated via semi-automatic flat lines. Since 2002 only water-based paints have been used for environmental protection concern.

Their paint consumption reaches over 200 tons per year in all color shades - packaging and labeling is also done by Schroeder GmbH. With their specialized personnel and their color mixing systems, they can react and act very quickly for entire customer's satisfaction.

Schroeder manager testimony

We have achieved the best finishing results with SAMES KREMLIN equipment!

Björn Schröder, Chief Executive Officer of the Jürgen Schröder GmbH, comments: "Our company is specialized in job coating for wooden windows, profiled woods and mouldings. In 2012, we have decided to automate our window coating and we have installed our first paint robot during this year. Concerning the spraying application, we have installed SAMES KREMLIN pumps, Flowmax® and piston pumps, as well as an automatic gun for coating, because after all trials that we have done, we have achieved the best finishing results with this equipment.

What was also important to us, was the high product lifetime of the SAMES KREMLIN products and the easy maintainability of the systems. In 2014, we have extended our installation with a second paint robot and now we coat half-automatically our windows with two robots, in all sorts of colors and sizes.

We have outsourced most - or all - of our cooperation for spraying technology -with SAMES KREMLIN. All the technical support, such as maintenance etc., has been given to the company ROC, because it is easier for us to let all be done by experts. They already took care of us very well back then -  with a direct support from SAMES KREMLIN. ."

SCHROEDER Professional painter

This magnificent golden spray gun from SAMES KREMLIN works perfectly!

Johannes Rosenthal, professional painter within SCHROEDER since 1993 tells us:  "Currently, I am in charge of window bars and special orders that are ordered in the company, it is mostly window bars however. Now I have this magnificent golden spray gun from SAMES KREMLIN in my hands. It is magnificent: I have been working with this gun for 5-6 years now.

I like it very much. The gun is easily adjustable: At the back, you find a knob, with which you can change the spray pattern from narrow to wide. Just turn it: now it's narrow, now it's wide. It works perfectly. Even the tip is great, the gun is beautiful, fits perfectly in my hand and is sustainable. I have never had to complain, that’s for sure!"