SERVIO COLOR likes the Airmix® range, either the manual Xcite® Light spray gun or the Nanogun electrostatic paint gun to benefit from the wrap around effect on complex metal shape parts!

Optimum service together with premium finish quality

Viorel Serban is the Manager of Servio Color Polinya: We have been in the industry for almost nine years. Our strong expertise is the painting of machines, parts, doors, fairings, motorcycle parts and habitat hardware parts

We had therfore to choose for the right industrial spraying equipment which will help be succesfull and better than our competitors, while saving us paint and therfore reducing our costs!

SERVIO COLOR POLINYA testimony: the General Manager

The company Manager testimony

Viorel SERBAN, Manager of SERVIO Color (Spain): we love SAMES KREMLIN Airmix® spray gun range!

We have two electrostatic spray guns equipment from the Nanogun electrostatic range, and the last one we bought is the  Xcite Light manual paint gun which is a great spray gun because you can see that it is very easy to handle, very light, the hoses are very flexible!


SERVIO professional painter Xcite light testimony

The Professional Painter testimony

The Xcite Light Airmix® is very lightweight!

Francisco from SERVIO COLOR POLINYA: "the gun is very easy to handle, no fatigue for  a much better application and no adjustments to take care of, it is very simple!"

Our new spray gun very easy to handle, very lightweight, the hoses are quite flexible, no fatigue and then the comfort we have since we have nothing to adjust here.
it is very simple. Furthermore, it behaves very well, and we can rotate the aircap to apply;  As so i like this.
Since the spray gun filter is remote located, the gun is lighter which makes it easy to go in every corner of the part,

The filter being located behind allows for a much better application and it does not bother us at all, we have had so far no problems!.