Sunrise Wood Designs | High quality wood finishing with SAMES KREMLIN Airmix® spray guns & paint pumps

The support we got from SAMES KREMLIN is just great! Their Airmix® Xcite™ spray guns and pumps product range, as well. No overspray, environmentally friendly, low maintenance to meet our wood finishing quality needs.
Sunrise Wood designs Global testimony
Sunrise Wood designs Global testimony

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Premium kitchen cabinets Airmix® wood finishing

Sunrise Paint Designs

Sunrise Wood Designs, largest custom cabinet manufacturer in the DFW area, provide its customers with superior custom kitchen cabinets...

They operate out of 3 different facilities, combining for over 120,000 sq/ft of manufacturing space, located in Tarrant, Dallas and Denton counties.  SWD has made multi-million dollar investments in the latest wood working technologies, automated machinery and state of the art equipment that allow them to provide their customers with superior custom cabinets that are consistently delivered with unmatched quality.

Craftsmanship and pride are evident on their factory floors. Their interests in technology, innovation, and experienced craftsmen, provide them the ability to engage in standardized projects or those that take on a more unique quality. SWD believe in building quality custom cabinets in a consistent, cost effective, and competitive manner.

The finishing of cabinets is an extremely meticulous process that they take great pride in. SWD operate a state-of-the-art hang line system using SAMES KREMLIN equipment that allows them to efficiently apply stains to produce a furniture finish. This is a process that can’t be replicated in the field. they also offer inset, standard and full overlay design in their custom prefinished cabinet lines. Those demanding standards on quality control and consistency are what set SWD as a major supplier in the area.

Sunrise Wood design Paintline manager

Veronica Bunt, Paint Line Manager,

"We wanted to purchase spray equipment that would meet our finishing quality needs. After a few months of operation we quickly came to a conclusion that SAMES KREMLIN Xcite was a great product to use, offering a great quality finish with no overspray, environmentally friendly, offering no operator fatigue, easy to use, lightweight and low-maintenance.

We also appreciate the great support that we've gotten from SAMES KREMLIN's employees and getting our equipment serviced, cleaned. They also offered us a service to help train our employees to properly maintain our pumps and guns. SAMES KREMLIN Xcite is a great product!"


SUNRISE WOOD painter testimony

Adam Rascon, Professional Painter

Adam tells us how effective and easy to use is the Xcite™ Airmix® Spray Gun he uses for wood application in SUNRISE:

"I want to tell you that this gun is very easy and efficient to use. The trigger is very light. It is also very light for handling. We use 3 types of paints in this gun: primer, sealer and top coat. It is easy to disassemble in case it gets plugged or something. I like this SAMES KREMLIn spray gun!"

SUNRISE Paint kitchen technician testimony

Oscar Rascon, paint kitchen technician painter

Oscar tell us more about the SAMES KREMLIN pumps installed on their paint kitchen:

"They are really good. They work well. Also, if they get blocked, if there is a problem or something, it is very easy to disassemble. They perform well, they meet our expectations, we have no problem with them, if they are followed and if they came to be blocked, as I said, it will be very easy to repair.

They work really well!"