Vacherie Fuel Propane cylinders | Automate a whole process with immediate savings!

Today the company is one of the only independent- Louisiana based bulk and propane exchange vendors now operating out of Thibodaux, and Vacherie, LA, USA
Vacherie Fuel Propane cylinders
Vacherie Fuel Propane cylinders


Vacherie Fuel offers a full range of propane solutions from outdoor living to residential delivery and refill. They also specialize in refinishing 20lb propane cylinders to support their exchange business.

Type of Coatings: Davis Paint – Water-borne


In spring of 2016, Vacherie Fuel decided it was crucial to automate their refurbishment processes. Their plan was to go after high traffic/large volume grocery store-type accounts with multiple exchange cages at each site. This could only be done by automating their system.

Not only would automation help with this plan, it would also improve throughput, gain market share, and grow their business as a whole.


Vacherie Fuel had previously never used SAMES KREMLIN or done work with the SAMES KREMLIN distributor, Contrast Equipment before this project.

Contrast was referred to Vacherie Fuel by Viking Blast, who had been installing a blast machine at the location. The goal of installing SAMES KREMLIN was to automate the whole process with reliable, top-of-the-line equipment.


Besides the retail propane exchange business, Vacherie Fuel also provides onsite residential, commercial, industrial bobtail fueling and installations. They wanted to continue to expand their exchange business and reduce their overhead costs. The most identifiable way to do this was to eliminate the bottle neck in their process and the large amount of time consumed on refurbishing and painting their propane cylinders.


SAMES KREMLIN was able to provide a system that met and exceeded Vacherie's needs. The automatic paint system efficiently and consistently paints each cylinder while reducing the man-power required for the process. With the new system, Vacherie Fuel went from painting 35 cylinders an hour with two people to painting 140 cylinders with one person. For Vacherie, the cost savings for a year will be approximately $38,870.

New installation

SAMES KREMLIN installation.

SAMES KREMLIN installation.

SAMES KREMLIN installation.

(X7) Airmix® Xcite®  manual spray gun cylinder coating system
16F240 Flowmax® Piston Pump
AD-60 paint heater
Circulation control valve
Inline Super-filter with Gold Top Fluid Pressure Regulator
SAMES KREMLIN PLC control system
SAMES KREMLIN powered tank rotator with integrated tank follower

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