External charge

Bell spraying technology

Bell spraying technology

Used only for water-based paint, external charge technology charges the paint outside the atomizer after it leaves the nozzle or bell cup. Every droplet is ionized by pins at the top of electrodes stationed around the bell cup.

Transfer efficiency is dramatically increased as the negatively charged paint droplets follow the electrical field straight to the grounded part essentially reducing the paint loss in the air called overspray.

The external charge process is not only really easy to design & install, it is also easy to adjust & maintain offering a stable performance during production. The charging process of the paint droplets depend on the air conditions (temperature, humidity, pin conditions, cleaniness of electrodes), while the attraction forces created by the electrostatic field depend on the part-to-electrode distance.

With sufficient time for adjustments & regular cleaning maintenance, Sames designed the best tool to manage all these conditions while still delivering high performance.

EASY to integrate

Because the charging process occurs in the air, this technology does not require any isolation in the paint circuit or in the paint kitchen. The color changing process can be simply done offering easy, convenient use & a time savings.

HIGH transfer efficiency

Under ideal environmental conditions, external charge can deliver high performance & reach excellent transfer efficiency further enabling paint film consistency.

High finishing QUALITY 

With a high velocity turbine rotating a serrated bell cup, we can achieve the best atomization on water-based paint with a consistent paint film thickness simulataneously. External charge process with rotary bell atomization is the perfect combination for premium results.