Powertrain - Gasketing

Sealing & gasketing of engine blocks & gearboxes

Why you should choose Sames

  • High precision flow regulation
  • Bead size controlled from robot
  • Bead regularity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Standardized packages & approved solutions

Silicone Bead Dispensing

Whether silicone beads are applied manually or with a robot, we have the right technology & equipment for you.

Our solutions include dispensing from the drum container to the application on the powertrain.

High dosing accuracy is the key point to high quality bead application & material savings.

silicone application
Robot dosing
  • Electrical shot meter: 25, 50 or 100cc
  • Multi-axis robotic compatible
Module control
  • Sofware for advanced flow rate control
  • Plug & play solution
  • Unheated or heated
RAM pumping
  • Double or single ram: 60/1, 60cc shower pumps
  • Follower plates for 20 L & 60 L (5 gal & 16 gal)
  • Automatic crossover for double ram
  • Compact

Solution for Sealing & Gasketing

See our Solution page for sealing & gasketing of engine blocks & gearboxes.