Automatic Guns

Sames offers to the industrial finishing market a large range of automatic spray guns for liquid paints or powders, with or without electrostatic effect. Our guns offer high performance and fine atomization for exceptional finish quality. Maintenance and cleaning are reduced for high productivity and paint savings.

Why would you choose Sames automatic spray guns?

Sames has a great experience in industrial finishing and automatic spray gun. Our offer covers all types of spray guns, powered by compressed air for parts with various shapes and sizes (from small to large areas). All our automatic guns offer wide spray pattern, a high quality of finish and a high transfer efficiency for all your projects while limiting spray mists, whatever the size of your surface to paint. Every year, our active Research and Development policy allows us to offer at least one new pressure gun with innovative features - to meet the needs of the market (waterborne paint ...), reduced maintenance and atomization to contribute to the Environmental Protection.

Our equipment is designed to minimize overspray for a cleaner environment with a perfect finish for all professional industrial projects, from automotive to wood markets.

We manufacture with noble materials (stainless steel in particular) and machine all the body and the head (or air cap) / nozzle in our factory located near Paris. Our guns are designed to handle both solvent and water-based materials. We focused on the ergonomic design of our guns with a small footprint, in parallel with the reduction of weight (aluminum), important criteria when they are mounted in series on automatic machines. Maintenance is also a key criterion taken into account to limit machine downtime - flanged design, for example with optimized product circuits that limit the consumption of solvent during color changes. Spray quality for a high finish and transfer efficient are our standard!

  • Pneumatic range or Airspray: low pressure, HVLP guns (High air volume, low pressure) (head pressure limited to 0.7 bar). This type of spray provides a high-end finish. We have been able to develop a complete range of heads (air caps) and nozzles / needle of different sizes depending on the desired flow rate and required fan shape the product applied (lacquers, varnishes ...), so any combinations are possible.
  • Airmix® range: this is a unique medium fluid pressure spraying technology - created by Sames in 1975 - between Airspray and High Pressure Airless® . Our latest spray guns,
  • AIRLESS® Airless® Paint Sprayers: Airless® paint is also suitable for large surfaces to apply large amounts of paint. Our compact automatic spray gun, with easy mounting on every automatic system are the economical and efficient solution for every large production.

Sames offers a wide range of equipment (pumps with different pressure ratios, pressure tanks, diaphragm pumps) for feeding spray guns. Our paint sprayer accessories ( ultra flexible hoses, extensions, .....) will help you customize your application projects and master your application by optimally spraying for excellent finish and high transfer efficiency.

Also discover locally, for your purchases and secure mode on the product pages of our website, all the technical characteristics, details on the operation and adjustment control of our equipment and the benefits of our automatic guns. Also available, videos of customer testimonials (also on our Youtube channel). You will also find on our solutions pages, precious advice on the adjustment of our guns and the operation of our equipment.

We also invite you to consult the manual versions of our guns in the family section "manual guns"