1R Proportional Material Regulator

The Autostream 1R System includes a proportional material regulator used as a pressure control device.

The output pressure of this pneumatically operated valve is adjusted by changing the control air pressure. The changes can be achieved by manual adjustments of the air pressure or by changing the strength of the electronic flow rate signal (0 to 10v DC or 0 to 4095 Dnet). The 1R System can dispense from 5cc to 55 gallons of material in one job.



  • Small, lightweight design
  • The feedback from the linear transducers (MLDT) is 30 times faster than a flow meter


  • Only (3) moving parts in the material
  • Repeatable process with low volumes (under 3cc)


  • Compatible with water-based materials
  • All stainless steel construction
1R Proportional Material Regulator