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The automotive industry requires high quality, reliable products & solutions. It also demands constant process improvements.

Trending today is an ever-increasing personalization of the vehicles, which is accomplished by paying more attention to details both inside & outside the car bodies.

Robotic applications deliver a quality finish and allow flexibility in applying primers, base & clear coatings.

Why you should choose Sames

  • Long-term and global experience in automotive paint shops
  • Knowledge and comprehensive process expertise
  • Innovative technologies targeting quality, performance, and savings
  • Ultimate field service and worldwide proximity support
(1) Exterior car body painting by robots
(1) Exterior car body painting by robots

The exterior car body requires high finishing criteria, such as thickness, color matching & appearance.

Tall robots are able to paint the complete car with the highest level of repeatability.

Our EasyPaint Robot solutions are designed to meet this goal.

Paint sprayers : Robotic Bells sprayers

Paint dosing : Fast Cleaning Gearpump, UPside CCV

Cleaning devices : Bell Atomizer Cleaner 


PPH 707 in TESLA
(2) Interior car body painting by robots

Car body interiors require paint thickness on every cavity & edge for cut-ins & van interiors.

Sames has become a specialist in painting line tracking. Robots are programmed to precise positioning using a highly flexible applicator to paint onto door edges, hinges & frames.

Our new high voltage management gives the most electrostatic effect for high transfer efficiency applications.

Paint sprayers : PPH 707 SB, ACCUBELL 709 EVO

Paint dosing : Fast Cleaning Gearpump, UPside CCV

Cleaning devices : Bell Atomizer Cleaner 

(3) Car body painting by humans
(3) Car body painting by humans

Our range of manual guns yield impressive results for car painting.

Choosing between our airspray or electrostatic gun depends on the paint & savings you demand from your paint shop.

Paint sprayers : Nanogun Airpsray, FPro S

Paint supply : PCS 03C6000, PCS 03R440 Flowmax

(4) Paint Circulating Supply

The paint circulating system supplies all colors, clear coat, and solvents to both robotic and manual cells. Most of the materials require constant circulation at a controlled temperature and flow rate.  The electric pumps are used for those materials requiring constant circulation.

Pneumatic pumps are used for the remaining materials.  Equipment supplied by Kremlin Rexson and Sames includes filters, tanks, agitators and back pressure regulators.


Sealing solution for automotive
(5) Underbody & Interior Sealing

Manually sealing steel plates under the body is a difficult task. Small robots are the best solution for a repeatable seal on bodies.

Our solutions from the drum to the bodies include piston pumps, dosing units, and robotic guns.

By using vision systems, the precise position of the body helps to set up the right trajectories.

Additionnaly, a temperature control system might be very usefull for sensitive materials with large temperature differentials in various countries.

LASD paintshop
(6) Liquid Applied Sound Deadener (LASD)

Robotic LASD application is growing in paint shops and replacing manual application of pads.

We propose heavy duty piston pumps for this thick, abrasive material which includes stainless steel versions for water-based materials.

Automotive corporate presentation

Automotive Corporate presentation

Link to download the corporate presentation.