AP 1000 Measuring Device Resistivometer

The AP 1000 resistivohmeter is specially designed to quickly and accurately measure the resistivity (in ohm.meter) of the paints & clear coats applied by electrostatics. The resistivity is a quite significant factor The must-have tool for electrostatic paint and clear coat application Provides facts and data to help paint optimization for all users of electrostatic painting (in laboratories, sub-suppliers control departments, integrated paint process).
The reference for your resistivity

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This device is equipped with:

  • A metallic box, an open cover, a control plate which display the following:

    • A reading of the measure on 3 separate scales

    • The red, black, or blue color buttons allow selecting the matching measure scale & corresponding to a resistivity range of the measured paint

  • A probe connected to the box by a cable (resistant to the usual solvents)

When the device is not used, the probe takes place into a housing box.

WARNING: this device must be used in non explosive zones, over a sample of paint taken from the production batch for instance.

This device is helpful to the paint optimization laboratories, sub-supplier control departments, or to paint-applied electrostatic users.